Uploading a New Logo for a Starter Kit Site

  1. Contact University Relations for your new logo lockup at [email protected]. (Process for Requesting a Logo Lock-up.pdf)
  2. Login as admin to your site
  3. Go to  Appearance -> Settings -> UCSF StarterKit Base Theme Prototype <https://mysite.ucsf.edu/admin/appearance/settings/ucsf_starterkit_base>
  4. Uncheck Use the default logo
  5. Use the Upload Logo Image to upload your University relations provided logo.
  6. Click Save Configuration
  7. Flush all caches https://mysite.ucsf.edu/admin_menu/flush-cache

Note: "mysite" in the URL string, must be replaces with your site name as it is in the URL.
Example: https://digitalaccess.ucsf.edu/admin/appearance/settings/ucsf_starterkit_base