Installing the H5P Rich Interactive Content Modules

To enable the H5P related modules so you can create rich interactive content with the H5P standard you will need to complete the following steps: logo
  1. Login as an Administrator to your site
  2. Goto the Modules menu and select Modules
  3. Enable the following modules
    1. H5P (h5p)
    2. H5P Editor (h5peditor)
      HINT: You can use the filter to type H5P to filter to those modules
  4. From the following webpage you will need to download the latest content types and then install them into Drupal  

    -->  official-h5p-release-20170313.h5p

    1. Go to admin/content/h5p   (from Admin menu choose Content -->  H5P Libraries) 
    2. Click the "Choose file" button under "Add libraries" and choose the H5P file you downloaded in Step 4
    3. Click the "Upload" button, and all libraries will be updated to the latest version

  5. One the content types are installed, you can start creating Interactive Content by going to Content -->   Add Content --> Interactive Content to start building your first H5P interactive content.

Additional information about the setup, configuration and accessibility of the HP5 modules can be found here: