Migrating to the Acquia Hosting Environment

Before you start:

What ITS will create for your technical contact to use

  1. An account to access the ITS Drupal version control system.
  2. Two sites folder in the version control system
    • ucsf/docroot/sites/dev.yoursite.ucsf.edu and 
    • ucsf/docroot/sites/yoursite.ucsf.edu
  3. A configured settings.php file in the version control system
  4. Three sites for development, testing, and production
    • dev.yoursite.ucsf.edu (development)
    • test.yoursite.ucsf.edu (testing)
    • yoursite.ucsf.edu (production)

How to Migrate the Site to the Drupal Testing Environment

  1. Check the site code into version control system - do not check the "files" directory in
  2. Provide the latest mysql dump to ITS 
  3. Provide the zipped files directory to ITS 
  4. ITS will then notify you when the site is available on development for testing
  5. Test your site on dev.yoursite.ucsf.edu (you may need to set up a local host record)
  6. Once you've tested the site notify ITS that you want to migrate the site to production.
  7. Check your code into your.site.ucsf.edu - see how to migrate code
  8. ITS will move the database and files to staging
  9. Configure your site for staging & production
    1. change the files folder location to sites/mysite.ucsf.edu/files from sites/dev.mysite.ucsf.edu/files
    2. Clear all caches
  10. Test stage.yoursite.ucsf.edu
  11. If stage works fine test yoursite.ucsf.edu
  12. Schedule the creation of a new DNS or a DNS change