ITS Web Hosting

Good news! ITS is subsidizing hosting services for the UCSF community. If the Drupal Web Starter Kit does not meet your needs, or if you have an existing Drupal site that you'd like to migrate to the ITS servers, please read on: 

What is included:

Routine hosting services

  • Server patching
  • Monitoring and manage overall health infrastructure to verify resource availability and capacity 
  • Keeping Drupal patched
  • Keeping standard modules patched 
  • Monitoring health of sites
  • Running nightly database backup 
  • Managing version control
  • Managing regular code deployments 
  • Keep SAML infrastructure available 


Hosting services (provided on request)

  • The UCSF Starter Kit and UCSF Site Builder (new) are both starting points that help you create UCSF branded websites with approved identity colors, fonts and other treatments.
  • Creating a site skeleton
    • empty database
    • empty multi-site folder
    • settings file configured to point at that database
    • set up domain access on host
  • Giving access to Git environment 
  • Move database to development
  • Migrate files systems 
  • Migrate databases between development/staging/production 
  • Updating site via Drush 
  • Making DNS requests on behalf of clients


How to request a new Drupal site:

To request a new site please either create a ticket at

You will need to have the following information ready.

  1. The primary contact (owner) for the website
  2. The technical contact for the website (optional)
  3. The full name of the website (example: Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity website)
  4. The URL for the new website (example:


OK I've requested my site, what's next?