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What is H5P Interactive Content

With this module you will be able to create interactive videos, question sets, drag and drop questions, multichoice questions, boardgames, presentations, flashcards and more using Drupal.

All the content is HTML5, meaning it will work great on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. With H5P, you create and edit HTML5 content directly in your web browser just like you edit any other Drupal content.

In addition to being an authoring tool for rich content, H5P also enables your site to import and export H5P files. H5P files are package files for HTML5 content and applications. They work much the same way as Flash files work. You can easily upload them to your Drupal site and publish rich Internet content and applications.

See for details and examples. 

Digital Accessibility and H5P Modules

Even though there is a large number of available modules with H5P, not all H5P modules meet WCAG 2.0 standards.  If the content is the only presented inside an H5P module and not available in an accessible form on the page, the H5P module need to be an accessible one. IT Website Services has vetted some of the modules that we believe have been worked on by the community to be accessible to some degree. The following modules have been vetted as accessible.  

Accessibility Guidelines for H5P Interactive Modules
Interactive Content Type Accessibility Notes
Single Choice Set Accessibility improvements to Single Choice Set represent the community's latest efforts in making interactive content accessible for everyone. ARIA support and improved keyboard navigation has been added to ensure that Single Choice Set is navigable without a mouse and optimized for screen readers.
Arithmetic Quiz Conforms to WCAG 2 AA requirements and has good WAI-ARIA coverage.
Fill in the Blanks Accessible
Question Set Accessible
Multiple Choice Accessible
Accordion Accessible
True / False  Accessible



How to install H5P on your StarterKit or SiteBuilder Websites


See our documentation here:

Installing the H5P Rich Interactive Content Modules

Additional information about H5P installation and configuration can be found here: