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UCSF Drupal Community

  • You'll want to chat with other people using Drupal at UCSF so join the Drupal Chatter Group!
  • To keep to date with announcements join the Drupal Users listserv
  • To keep up to date with Drupal related development news at UCSF you can join the Drupal Dev listserv
    • Note: You can subscribe and unsubscribe from lists using the same web form for each.
  • You've already found the Drupal website at UCSF.
  • Everyone loves meetings! We have 2 meetings a month.
    • Users Helping Users is a 2 hour workshop where we answer each others questions. The time and place of this meeting varies.
    • The Drupal User Group (DUG) is a more traditional meeting. In the DUG formal presentations of about 15 minutes each are given on Drupal related topics. In addition this group handles governance for the UCSF Drupal environment. We meet every first Thursday of the month from 4-5pm. Location varies.

San Francisco Drupal Community 

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