Developing Code

UCSF Code Development Guidelines:

  • Use the UCSF supported modules when ever possible.
  • When not possible, use a contributed module (that is stable and widely used)
  • Post your specification of your proposed module to the Drupal users group, to see if someone has already solved the problem.
  • Let everyone know when you build something new that has application to other UCSF sites (maybe show us at the UCSF DUG!).
  • Only update code in your subsite, not in sites/all where it can impact all hosted sites.

Getting Code added to sites/all

  • The UCSF Drupal community needs to approve additions to the shared pool of modules
  • Only stable modules will be added to the pool of shared modules

Please contact eric.guerin [at] if you have any questions or concerns about these guidelines.