For Content Managers

What is a Content Manager?

A Content Manager is someone who can add and edit webpages on a website. 

Typical Content Managment Tasks

  • Authoring Content
    • Select the right content type to create
    • upload images and files
    • Using TinyMCE
  • Content Managment
    • Find content, even if it is unpublished
    • Publish and unpublish content
    • Manage other type of content promotion, such as sidebar promotion
    • Identify and change content owners
  • Manage Site Menus
    • Create menu links to content
    • Reorder menu items
  • Basic  Taxonomy Management
    • Assign taxonomy terms to content
    • Create, edit and delete taxonomy terms
  • Create, find, edit and delete URL aliases 
  • Create a custom block and place it in a region
  • Moderate comments 

Stay tuned for tutorials and other information as we continue to develop this site!