Change Control Procedure

Change Control Window:

Routine code and database changes to production occur between 4 and 5 PM Pacific on every work day that precedes another work day (i.e. Monday - Thursday in a normal work week),

Example 1:

In a work week that has no holidays, the code is deployed to production on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. No code is deployed on Friday.

Example 2:

In a work week that has a holiday on Thursday, the code is pushed to production on Monday and Tuesday.

Normal Code Migration:

  1. IT tags and deploys code on the routine day
  2. If the code has been checked into version control that code will be migrated.

Note there is no need to send a ticket or otherwise notify ITS of a normal code deployment

Emergency Code Migration:

  1. Notify ITS of the emergency change and mark the ticket as High priority.
  2. The supervisor or director of the group requesting the change is required to be cc'd on emails or otherwise notified of the emergency change.
  3. An email will be sent to the Drupal Users listserv alerting everyone to the emergency change.

Unless the problem is causing a loss of functionality on a production website, all emergency changes need to go through a 24 hour QA period on staging.