Requesting a new UCSF Starter Kit Website Process

What are the steps for your new Drupal Starter Kit website?

  1. Create a ticket in ServiceNow, one ticket per URL
  2. Finalize your site in "preview"
  3. Once you know your CNAME and IP number of your hosted website, you can Create a DNS request in Service Now for your live site**
      Some required fields are not obvious:
        For FACEPLATE type:    n/a
        For Department select:   F_IT Website Development
        For Location select: 1855 Folsom St - Mission Center Building
        For Room Number type: n/a
    In the Additional Notes field describe what it is you want done.  
    For example:  
    I want to point to CNAME record

  4. QA your live site

** NOTICE: DNS requests take up to three days to complete