Drupal Web Starter Kit

Site Builder

We recently launched a new product called Site Builder, which is a more updated version of the Starter Kit 2 design with some additional functionality.

To learn more about Site Builder please visit our sister site at websites.ucsf.edu

What is the UCSF Drupal Web Starter Kit?

The UCSF Web Starter Kit is a collection of UCSF-approved, customizable, stable and secure website templates that you can start using for your department, program or lab right now. Even better — thanks to Information Technology Services —  The templates are absolutely free

Curious about what the templates look like? You're on one right now. drupal.ucsf.edu uses the Starter Kit Template in purple accents.

What are the benefits?

Save time:

The initial, base-site creation takes only three to four hours to build. (Traditional Drupal sites can take three to four days!)

Save money:

The Web Starter Kit templates and hosting are free. The Starter Kit provides a layout (that includes several types of content pages) with your choice of three color palettes. 

Get support:

ITS will provide stable and secure hosting, as well as ongoing support for the original Starter Kit modules.

Take advantage of communal resources:

As the UCSF Web Starter Kit community grows, so will the available resources.  Join the UCSF Drupal Web Starter Chatter group and Drupal User Groups for knowledge sharing. Stay tuned for additional modules and functionality to be added to the ITS resource library as users begin to contribute back to the group. 

Get trained:

ITS will provide basic training and tutorials for the Web Starter Kit via this website, as well as in-person trainings and workshops. Information coming soon!

If you are in a hurry you can download our current training manual to get started.