Drupal vs. Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver is a software that has been used by many at UCSF to create and maintain websites.  Some of the key differences between Dreamweaver and Drupal:


  Dreamweaver Drupal
Software Costs installed software $199 Update with any modern browser.
Hosting Cost
  • Outside hosting ~$20/month +
  • Internal VM hosting ~$150/month +
  • Free for sites getting under 10,000 visits a month.
Updating the site
  • The changes made to the files need to be uploaded to the server that the site is hosted on.
  • There is typically a 'webmaster' that maintains the site.
  • The website can be updated from any computer with an internet connection and a browser.
Login information Passwords and account information is often shared, and sometimes lost.  Integrates with UCSF MyAccess system
Add on Functionallity Added using a scripting language and requires programming skills. Added via Drupal interface
Learning Curve Relatively easy to learn Higher learning curve but less of a problem due to the hands-on Drupal training.
Static vs Dynamic creates mostly static web pages creates dynamic, database driven web pages